air guard 1 3,204 2007.03.13 22:52
Well, we are getting age and  felt we do need more relax and rest but we do need more active and more exercise since we loose elasticity and joint's cartilages are getting harder. If you are not lubricated joints by range of motion,
and stretch, your body will be stiff and painful all day.
Only stretch exercise shall keep your flexibility and good posture as well as
preventing back injury and fall.


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reporter 2007.03.17 11:54
  공원에도, 바닷가에도 갈수 없는, 오늘 같이 눈이 많이 내리는 날씨(뉴욕에는 하루종일 싸리눈이 내리고 있어요)에는 집안에서 딩굴딩굴 , Stretch가 딱 좋은 운동이군요..air guard 님! 감사합니다...^^