Wilhelm Kotarbinski

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Construction of the Cross


The Young Carpenter


Daughter of Jairus




Agony in the Garden





Entry into Jerusalem


God - the Creator, the days of creation


Last Supper


Pilate's court







The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


The Resurrection of Lazarus


The resurrection of the son of the widow of Nain



The Sermon at Capernaum





 Wilhelm Kotarbiński fotografia.jpgWilhelm Kotarbinski (born November 30, 1848 [a] [1] Nieborowie, d. September 4, 1921 [b] in Kiev) - Polish painter, whose work is considered to academicism, Romanticism, Symbolism and Art Nouveau. Milosz's cousin - a well-known painter, illustrator and art critic, in many sources with him confused [c] - and Joseph Kotarbiński - writer, literary critic and theater, theater and film actor.

As Wilhelm Kotarbinski for over 30 years created the lands belonging to the Russian Empire, was there considered Russian - hence in many Russian sources listed as Wilgielm Kotarbinskij Alexandrovich (Russian Вильгельм Александрович Котарбинский) [2] or Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinskij (Russian Василий Александрович Котарбинский) sources as well as Vasyl Ukrainian-Ołeksandrowycz Kotarbinskyj (Ukrainian Василь Олександрович Котарбінский). In more recent publications (since the 90s of the twentieth century) is already defined as a painter Polish and Ukrainian



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